December 14, 2008

just a quick one from me this morning to show you my latest 2 pages of my eldest boy Josh
I cant believe he is growing up so fast!
I have also done up another tutorial (link in above menu bar) on using these prima say it in crystals
anyone that has used them before will know just how tricky they can be and for those who havnt yet, its a great place to check out as they are quite difficult to get onto your work
and... my youngest son sprung scrappin!
he was having a great time till he spotted me with the camera then didnt finish his page!

ok i am outa here, today I intend on getting my house into some sort of order before hittin the couch again! I have been having some trouble with an inflamed kidney lately and omg it sucks!
so till tomorow my beautiful people
behave yourselves
mwa mwa
11 more sleeps till christmas (and I still need to go shopping arughh)


Lexie said...

We havn't even started shopping yet
only just put up the tree yesterday

Kellie said...

Oh I hate the thought of shopping, we are half way through, but am trying to think if I can just do it in my little town, lol. I am the same as Lexie, we just did that as well!
Love reading your blog Nat :) Your LO's are stunning!
Take care Kellie

elle said...

lol look at cute!!

i have blog-awarded you! come check out my blog for the details. your hand-cutting is so brilliant, and i dont know how you cope! my healthy hands hurt so much afterwards and i have little scissors!!!