December 5, 2008

Thats it I give up!!!! I finally got my blog looking alittle better BUT the pink border is doing my head in BIGTIME... it wont do as its told so I'm going to leave it as it is - for now
I have had a busy few days building the rest of my site, have got my pages all updated with fresh links to the forum and new gallery
atleast the pink border behaved itself in there! PML
when you get a chance you should check it all out
I have updated the links over there on the right too, so go for it, have a wonder round, stop in and say hi in the forum and take up the December challenge
I have sooo much more to update on here too, all the links to my fav blog hop homes will be up soon and many other little bits I keep meaning to update again after I killed it!
but these will have to be another day
if you would like to put a post in my forum for your blog, go for it, there is a new section there just for blog hoppers like me that LUV links to wonder through
Now, for a little scrappy update...
while I was here on the computer I also managed a couple of digi's
and yes this is playdoh!
I couldnt resist it, it made me wanna reach in and play - so I did... hehe

that's Amanda's youngest (of 6 boys!) Conner and this is another digi of Amanda's son Jesse

and to wind down all this computer time last night I did the random challenge #19 at TBSS set by DT Tracey
it was like a recipe challenge and great fun
thanks Tracey... Tash's friend album is coming along nice and colourfully! LOL
and now I MUST GO BED and rest my weary computer burnt out brain!
till tomorow my beautiful people
take care and behave yourselves
mwa mwa


Kathie said...

oh Nat, I love the best buds LO! Wow how cool! TFS