December 17, 2008

Yep I am... most definately the proudest mum in Perth right now!
my kids have all had a wonderful day and I cant wipe the smile off my face
it all started this morning when Tash won a achievement award at school for ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE IN YR 8 MEDIAthe overall out of over 300 students for 2008
then Josh won one too!!! for ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE IN YR 9 MEDIA - FILM & TV the overall out of over 300 students for 2008
check out the medals they won.... they got lovely certificates too

AND he also won a 'service colour' award for RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE SKATE PARKwhich he ran along with 3 of his friends for the entire school of over 2000 students.... yes they have a skate park inside the school compound!
Josh got a lovely certificate for this too and a shirt pin with 'BCC skate park 2008' on it....
They go to BCC (Ballajura Community College) which is the largest school in WA and both my darlings got overall achievements and I am sooo totally proud!!!
their school reports came home today too
Tash - 6 A's and 2 B's
Josh - 5 A's and 3 B's
They have both done sooo fantastic and I am soo very proud
Jakes report comes home tomorow....

Just had to share my wonderful excitement with you all before i crash out for the night
mwa mwa till tomorow my beautiful people


Eve said...

Nat , thats a fantastic acheivement for your kids well done to them for putting in the hard yards to get there i am sure they will continue with this success ...pat on the back to you also for all the effort you must put in to them at home ...woo hoo well done ..
Eve xoxo

CreativeMe68 said...

Congrats to your kids Nat....You should be so proud of them. Sounds like a cool school that your kids go to.
Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year Luv Shaz

elle said...

wow, congrats on raising such brainy and talented kids! and to get those awards at such a large school is even more amazing!!

hope lil jake shines too....

Kellie said...

WOW Nat that is fantastic you would be the proudest mum. What an acheivement for your kids, wonderful news. And they couldn't had done it without your love and support. Congrats to all.
Kellie xx

Kathie said...

WOW that is fantastic Nat!!! It is fantastic when our kids do so well....and even when they don't!! Congrats to you for being such an excellent mum and congrats to them for being such great kids!!