December 11, 2008

oh bugger, i've done it again!
i have killed my poor little sad pathetic looking blog! LOL
please bare with me i will work this stupid thing out!
i have a terrible habbit of clicking and not saving or even looking at wat i am doing in here and everytime i tinker with this silly code is *** it...
soooo over it all right now... stupid blogger! aaarruuugghh
ok, with that little outburst done I can go back to my ironing - mmm yay! PML
mwa mwa


Kathie said...

Oh Nat, that is just so not funny!! I am so computer silly that I wonder how I ever get stuff happening!!!
It will be okay, I am sure you can work out the bugs.........

Lexie said...

At least you know what you are doing when ever I do things its more good luck than know how