December 16, 2008

ohhhh wat a day....
chrissy shopping is DONE... all finished, kapootsa and over! yippeeee
(even though I robbed peter to pay paul - its done!)
worry bout the consiquences another day! LOL
just gotta find good hidey holes now and time to wrap it all tonight when the kids finally fall asleep
I had my car in for a service today which meant I had 5 hours to wonder the shops while waiting, so my beautiful sister and mother came for the long drive up my way to spend the day amongst the mad crowds with me
but now... omg my feet are killin me! this rheaumatoid really sux! it sux so much today I cant even spell it right and i dont care!! LOL
but to make it even worse I have 2 ironing jobs in to do tonight AND we are going out to dinner! oh man... I am gonna need a miracle to get through all this! that and an extra pair of feet and a few more hours would be nice
I wont hold my breath but
oh oh I did get a lovely surprise when I got home
check this out...
I have a blog award - wahoo - the gorgeous Elle has passed this on to me
thanx darlin, I think your 'fabulous' too...

for the award:
1.You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs
.2.You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions.
3.On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link back to their my five fab addictions
1. SKITTLES - have slowly taken over my chocolate addiction! I cant get enough of these little juicy buggers no matter how much they make my eyes water and choke cause I have scoffed too many in my mouth at a time!
2. MY IDDY BIDDY SCISSORS - I have my favourite pair I use to do my handcutting, they are like gold in my house, no one is to look at em let alone touch em BUT today.. wahooo I finally after 2 years of searching found another pair wahooooo
3. PRISON BREAK - luv this show, it is among many I 'watch' but this is the one that gives the best perve! LOL sad I know but a girls gotta have a bit of eye candy in her life! lol
4. NODOZE - i know I cant believe i admitting to this one, but yep, they are my addiction alright! cant get through a day without them
5. TIGERBALM - I would bath in the stuff if it didnt get so hot! LOL
and the five fab blogs i would like to honour (in no particular order) I luv em all:
1. Kirsti - my darling baby sister, my phone/scrappin buddy, the only one that can drive me totallly insane yet inspires me no end - luv ya darlin
2. Kathie - you so gotta check out Kathies blog, wowzers! one very tallented lady there!
3. Tracey - the beautiful Tracey is soooo inspiring, so tallented and so gorgeous, luv ya
4. Kellie - oh my the inspiration this lady has in so many craft areas is just breathtaking! I sooo wish I could wrap a pressie like she does, it looks too nice to open!!!!
5. Alyssa - the newest member on my topsites, I had not seen her blog before till yesterday and wowzers! it is now in favs.... great stuff
and now that I have written a novel, I best let you get back to your day
have a wonderful evening and hey guess wat
9 more sleeps till the man in the red suit comes a knockin
so... you had better behave yourselves!
mwa mwa


Kellie said...

Oh wow thank you so much Nat, you have made my night! I should had gotten you to finish my Christmas shopping too, lol!?
Thanks SO much again.
Kellie xx

Kathie said...

Hey Sweet lovin' lady!! Thanks for the beautiful words & the blog award. You're such a wonderful lady! Will PM you soon. Take care sweetie.
Love Kathie

Tracey said...

Thank you darlin' What a nice suprise. I have passed on this beautiful award today. xxx

xoxAlyssaxox said...

OMG!! YAY... thanks so much hun :) You have made my day babe xxx