December 11, 2008

Christmas has come early at Nats! LOL
I had a darn good day yesterday... I drove my mother into the hospital and whilst heading back out of town I decided to go and visit by baby sister, Kirsti
So I headed in the opposite direction to home down the highway
finally after bout half hours drive and not getting lost I ran past her for the loo before even saying hello! LOL
bugger the xmas shopping for the kids it was girly sister fun time so she dragged me down to her fav. local LSS (mind you she didnt need to twist my arm too far!) and OMG I was like a kid in a candy store! wow what a great store
Scrap It Flaunt It in Armadale WA
I wondered around with my arms full of all sorts of goodies...
look look look
I got some gorgeous papers

and a stash of die cut papers I just couldnt resist

and a few other bits n peices that screamed out to me

they had great prices and lovely service
well worth the hours drive! LOL
and then it gets EVEN BETTER.... I get home to a parcel sitting pretty at my front door from the gorgeous Taryn at Scraptastic South West
this Cosmo Cricket is sooooo nice!!!!!!
and this is all ontop of my little expedition to 'spotlight' LOL
all in the hunt for a fiskars scollop punch - which they didnt have! so i got a few other bits instead!
some lovely boy Kaiser papers to play with

I did get a punchie but, not the scollop one but another border one that looked pretty cool

and more buttons! I couldnt help myself....

and then last night I just had to play...
the punch got attacked first and I managed to power through close to half the chrissy card list! LOL

and look at my baby girl - metal mouth is her new name! LOL

she is growing up way too fast... she got her top braces on last week and coping really well

they ache a little, her description to the pain is... 'its like a headache but in my mouth!'

and now my beautiful people i really gotta get off my butt and make a start on this day!

the vacume is out but unfortunately doesnt work too good without me...

till tomorow

behave yourselves

mwa mwa


vicmbee said...

wow!!!nat love all that new stuff.. Maybe you should get one of them robo vacuums then it could do itself....maybe I should get one too...LOL!!! That's alotta cards you been a busy girl...

Lexie said...

love all the new goodies looks like you had a fab day