December 24, 2008

OMG wat a mess I have managed to make today...much to the kids delight - and to think I was once a 'cook' PML
it all started when I made some little chrissy choccies and melted way too much choccy so the Jake and his 2 friends helped clean the bowls - no complaints from them!
then I blew up the food processor! smoke filled the whole kitchen... oops! all I was tryin to do was crush some biccies for rum balls...that made for some entertainment... they were all giggling so loudly and 'bashing' the air to clear the smoke
so how do I crush the biccies now, oh I know, I'll put em in a bag and bash the crap outa them with a rolling pin - well... that was untill the bag broke and it all went flying everywhere!!!
the kids are now have a layer of cookie crumbs ontop of their smokie chocolate covered faces!but it gets worse!
me and my clever ideas...
I decided our rum balls needed to be more chrissmassy so I got out the food dye! red n green coconut sounded like a good idea till I started it...
my hands now look like a christmas tree!
oh and let me tell you bout the trifle! hehehe
I forgot to buy some Sherry so Bicardi it was, one for me one for the trifle, one for me one for the trifle and on it went!....
red n green jelly was the first disaster!
I thought I would pop them into the freezer to help set them a bit quicker, good thought till I swung around from bench to fridge and spilled half of it all over the floor!
so what can I put in their now to replace half the missing trifle???
LOTS... it now has 11 layers! oops...
I got a little carried away! looks awesome but...
and the mars bar slice looks (and tastes) darn good!
so not a total disaterous day...except now I gotta go do all them bloomin dishes!
man I made a mess....
good thing its the silly season after all! LOL
ok, back to it I go, just had to sit with a cuppa and recouperate after all that
oh oh and I got another blog award this morning too! thanx Antonella
I will add this to the 2 from yesterday and do a blog hop list soon I promise
I still have a heap on my fav list I would luv to share with you all
I have a terrible habbit of adding them to the list to go back another day for a good catch up and am so overdue to catch up with so many - perfect excuse now...
oh and i gotta say a HUGE thank you for all the wonderfully beautiful chrissy cards I have recieved! I would luv to get to each and every one of you to say a personal thank you and I will, just gotta find that extra hour in the day again, it keeps sneaking off...
so to all my gorgeous friends thank you
mwa mwa
and I wanna wish everyone a safe and fabulous day tomorow one more time, I know a few of you dont actually celebrate christmas but you do celebrate family and that is what tomorow is all about
fun with family, catching up on a years worth of chaos
so to all of you
have a happy and safe day
hugs and snuggles to you all
mwa mwa
oh bugger that kitchen mess is still there! I was so hoping the cleaning fairy would have done it all by now.... bugger! till my next post my beautiful people
smile bright and wide
and my 'sweet' children who are now here next to me trying to attack me with choccy...


~Sasha Farina~ said...

pheww... LOL. and you managed to blog about it? I would have cried with my cuppa.. LOL. Merry Xmas darling!

Kathie said...

Oh golly you sound like a marothon runner lovie!!! I got tired just reading your post sweet lovin' lady!! You are an amazing lady!!
See you soon
Love Kathie

Kath Parker said...

Nat I have left and award on my blog for you