December 30, 2008

it's bl**dy HOT here in Perth today
and my house is like a sauna! all I need is some white towels and wood panel on the walls and walah!
the air con has been on full bore since 8am, whole place is locked up n dark
but with no insulation this is HORRIBLE in here
its so hot in here I cant even type right
so I am gonna go do a big bombie in the neighbors pool, dont care if they feel like visitors - we comin over anyway
mwa mwa


Julie said...

*LOL* eeekkkk that means we are in for a heat wave in a few days over here then doesnt it.
Ah well, thankfully we have airconditioning in this century hey! *L*

vicmbee said...

Ya can throw some heat my way.... It's rained here and cooled down again we got 22*C here in the kitchen.... think it's colder outside....

Nat said...

ya can both have this horrid heat!
they predicting another 4-5 days of it.... I sooo do not do heat well! makes me sleepy n grumpy, not a good mix for school holidays n teenagers! LOL

Kathie said...

OOOOHHHHHH I am scared!!! I am heading to WA on 13th I HATE THE HEAT!!!! NO I really HATE the heat!! Hpe there is a cool change by then!!!

Nat said...

LOL @ Kathie! I will keep you posted on the weather darlin...