December 26, 2008

oh MUM.... wat? WOW... really? OMG

how awesome

the words that really put a smile on any parents face, christmas morning and the kids are stoked! I didnt get any good photos but so I soo spewin!

and of all of em it was the 14yr old that was last to go to sleep and the first to rise....

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all had a wonderful and safe day

we did. spent the morning surrounded by pressies, smiles and noise

the kids father called in for breaky then we headed over to my beautiful sister Kirsti's place for lunch. Back home for an afternoon nap then the noise started....

who bought my kids the 'noisy' toy for xmas?

oh bugger it was me wasnt it? PML

and what a winner it has been! at 1am this morning I chucked a tanty just so I could get the ratbags off it and into bed....

Guitar Hero World Tour

we have had drumming, guitaring and singing rockin the neighborhood for 24 hours now and my head is gonna explode - it is soooo loud....

but omg it has been absolutley FANTASTIC seeing the kids all playing together laughing and having a great time

Then 9am this morning it all started again - this time the mates started rocking up...

they all 'think' they can sing... absolute crack up

teenage voice cracking vocals together with a** kickin drummin, giggles and guitaring

wat a hoot...

they keep running from the camera but the chickens!

and my babies spoiled me too...
they spotted these coffee cups and said 'yep thats mum, they look like scrapbookers cups, we gotta get em for her'
Josh rekkon the 'flourishes are so you mum'
and this is like heaven... a foot massager (which my feet are on right now)
and the kids also got me a POOF... yep a footstool
their reason for that purchase was
'for when your doing your handcutting mum, you can now put your feet up'
man, how well do my kiddies know me? PML
Luv you guys mwa mwa

tonight I am gonna get plastered, come home have a cuppa in my flourish cup with my feet up on my poof then have a massage! wow now that sounds like a good night
what better on boxing day?
hey I rekkon the man in the red suit mighta dropped my mojo off too, cause I have had a busy little scrappin morn
done 2 layouts and pretty happy with em both for a change! LOL
Tash has had a ball taking some photos of her self using the timer on her new camera and has gotten a few beauties, so I raided her memory card and got a crackin

and this one was so much fun!

I have been having fun with distressing lately so went a little overboard, plus I really wanted to play with the kids new blow pens, they just looked like so much fun... but hey, you get that... LOL

I absolutly luv this photo, its one of those shots you couldnt do if you tried.. just happened and happened well

good girl Tash... she wants to get into photography one day

and now I am gonna kick all these loud smelly hairy teenagers outa my house....

have a wonderful boxing day beautifuls

till tomorow

mwa mwa

behave yourselves


Antonella Ryan said...

Nat they are great! How kool are those Instruments and those Cups Im in love! I saw the most beautiful scrappers dining set yesterday it was a white table with thouse flourises on the chairs I was in love! Of Course DH was like get real!

Kathie said...

Oh Nat!! I luv those mugs!!! Hey its great that the kids come to your house!!! Look at it this way: You know where yours are and who they are with!!!! :-)) Noise or not, they are not up to anything....
I so love those LO's!! You are right about the pictures. Well done to your beautiful daughter Tash! Catch up soon sweet lovin' lady!

CreativeMe68 said...

Nat it looks like the kids are having so much fun with guitar hero!I can imagine the noise coming out of your loungeroom LOL! Looks like you got spoilt too so that is always nice!
Loving the latest scrapping that you had done...hopefully today I will be able to get some done...not much happening here on the scrappin front. Here's hoping the rest of the festive season is good to you and you have a Happy New Year with your family and friends Luv Shaz xoxo

Lexie said...

Looks like your kids are having a blast and its great that their mates come around even if it's a bit noisy..Having survived one teenage boy and his smelly mates a set of ear plugs are a good investment

luv Lexie oxo

G3 said...

Don't you feel happy and contented when kids do something nice for you and also when they enjoying playing with the gifts u buy for them? I do.
Glad you had a nice wonderful day. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Mandy said... were nice the kids know you so well....we got world tour too...but stays in the sons bedroom...the wii is noisy enough!!!!.enjoy your gifts...
lots of it

Julie said...

hubby bought the latest guitar hero a few weeks before Xmas, cos he couldnt wait ROFL
Im so glad the kids love it, they look like they are having a ball!
They are wonderful kids to buy yout hat foot massager, it looks fantabulous, is it as good as it looks? my feet are sore...OFL