December 22, 2008

Only me updating again! I know this is the second time today!
no I am not any madder then yesterday, still just as insane and with the chatters! LOL
so... lets start off with a little show n tell
I was bustin to scrap last night but my bloomin mojo musta packed up and moved out, he was feeling a little neglected this past couple of weeks
wat a sooky la la hey?
so I thought I would do a little surfin for inspiration... the gorgeous Ingrid G grabbed my attention then I had a brain fart, I had bought some of those Hambly Screen Prints that she uses and whammoo... off a scrappin I go
Thanks Ingrid you saved me last night! her work rocks! I spent sooo long wondering through her gallery looking for which one to try my hand at, eventually settling on a easy one! LOL
wow, thats one bad photo of that! oops... I was too lazy to take it outside to get a decent pic and thought I had a good one till I uploaded it in here!
and I did fight my printer, it won!!!
stupid thing still prints way too dark and wont suck up the paper right
i even uninstalled it and tried starting from scratch - yeah I knew it wouldnt work, but I did it in hope anyways!
oh oh and... hey check this out...
I have been awarded with 3 of these babies today! man I feel soooo friggin luved right now
yeah yeah that is my big fat head squeazin its way out the side of ya screen right now!
this stunner was given by the beautiful Heather-Lea & Angie

now the rules for this one is to bestow it upon 6 deserving blog buddies - well times that by 2 LOL - in no particular order they go to...













and this fabulous award comes from the beautiful Chic


For the award:
1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs.
2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions.
3. On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link back to their blog.
So heres my five fabulous additions
  1. PINK - luv all things pink
  2. SCRAPPIN N CHATTIN - daily fix of both for me thanx
  3. KFC - mmm yumm
  4. PRIMA - yeah I kinda got a few and still need/want more
  5. COFFEE - hot or cold thanx

and the 5 fabulous blogs I would like to pass this award on to, in no particular order are:

PHEWWWWW.... that was great fun but gees, my favourite list sure got a hammering with that blog hop! LOL
hope you all enjoy these blogs, please take a peak you will surely have a ball gathering some great inspriation from these fabbo girls
and now... my beautiful people, I am gonna put the kettle on, anyone wanna cuppa?
and I am gonna scrap! but what?
oh yeah, sorry just remembered I got a bag of cherry ripes hidden in my drawer here too... you know those multi pack ones ... want some choccy too?
just gotta get it out quietly and try not to rattle the packet too much, Jake is still awake and stalking the lounge room behind me, zooming cars about the place - he should be in bed!
oops... better go do that first then get out the stash, sorry girls your gonna have to wait 10 min before i put the kettle on
back soon with cuppas all round...
behave yourselves, the big man will be here in 3 more sleeps!
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx


Julie Koerber said...

Thanks for the fabulous award Nat! ;-)

scrapwitch said...

thanks for dropping by nat and thatks for the love babe.gotta love that hambly layout..and the pic fab

Debee Campos said...

love your mojo and your style :)
So glad you stopped by to say hi!
And thanks for the award sweets
I'm coming over for a cuppa ;)
Keep on rockin',

Lynn said...

Wonderful job on the lo! It is just beautiful! tfs :)

Eve said...

Nat i love this page it looks fabo i just may have to have a go at this one myself sometime ...Merry xmas darling to you and your beautiful kids drink and be merry ...
Luv Eve xoxox said...

You rock girl! We love your mojo too! SMILES!

Karan said...

Thank you for the Award!!Beautiful job on the layout by the way :)

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Lovin the LO, It looks awesome hun xx

Kathie said...

Enjoy the day tomorrow Nat!!
Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!
Love Kathie