November 5, 2008

Hehehe you may have noticed a bit of a change around here lately, oh well actually you cant miss the change today! LOL
what do you think?
is it nicer like this?
should I keep it?

I have been playing and designed all this myself, every last bit of what goes on my blog and site from now on will be created from scratch by little ole me.
I have luved having Miss Mints gorgeous designs up here, but the time has come to get my bits out and on display, NO... that does not mean I just took my top off!!!!

that means you will be seeing a small taste of some of my new digi designs to come...
TBSS has added digi to their store with some GORGEOUS things filling the cart
I've seen a few sneak previews of future stuff and OMG it ROCKS.....

anyways, sidetracking again, I was dribbling on about how I have been busy designing too and my stuff will be available in the TBSS store soon

But for now my beautiful people, I really have to go and cook some dinner for these starving children of mine...

I would LUV to hear your opinions, so leave a comment or email me

mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx


Anonymous said...

Oh you are soooo very clever Nat! Luv the new blog!!!

Lexie said...

love the new are so clever.

Julie said...

me too, love it darlin! its awesome!!
and the bits ont he side follow oyu all the way down *L* ok, its like 5am over here and Im finally getting sleepy again after waking up at 4am *L* mwahhhhhhhhh