November 11, 2008

I dont like the look so my blog is gonna stay boring and white till I decide on what colour
I'm thinking green and orange today and I know I wont like that for long so I wont do that today, maybe tomorow, maybe! oh I dunno...
wat shall I do?
I know, I will just bore you all silly with a heap of photos of my latest pages
I had fun in photoshop this past week and while making a start on some of my new digi designs for sale in TBSS I made a few layouts too!
this first one is of Kamaal
he and his girlfriend Cammie have been hanging out in the TBSS gallery by the very talented Tish for a while now, they've been on a roadtrip, hand out with sexy knee high boots and raincoats and all sorts, well they musta had a bit of an arguement cause Kamaal came and hung out with me on Saturday arvo, all heartbroken he was....
so I cut his head off in an attempt to cheer him up, which it did, cause from then on we had a good laugh and played in photoshop with all sorts

and check out this ultra cute little owl
this page is using all my own designs, available in TBSS digi store

and this one was great fun... I made that holly leaf and am very proud of it..
and the flat looking ribbon - I managed to make it pop right off the page
these xmas outfits are a crack up - literally!
the backs are HILARIOUS and will be featured in another layout another day!
dont wanna scare you all with the cute tattoo on my asscheek just yet, this is enough shock for one day! PML

and this one was SOOOO MUCH FUN....

Josh Loves this page almost as much as skating...

I had fun with making my own overlays, there is a white one and a black one on this underneath the christmas snow flake one!

why christmas you ask? well... the challenge was to use christmas products on a non christmas page!

and some REAL SCRAPPIN...

yeah! ohhh you can never take the joy out of paper scrapping for me, I needed to scrap sooo badly after all those digi ones that it was nearly 11pm at night when the urge hit

I HAD TO... so I gathered up a heap of bits and spread it all out all over the lounge floor, put on a movie and tinkered...

a couple of quick pages happened... using the Basic Grey Eva range

and this one of my beautiful nieces

oh and before I forget, this one too
did this one last week of Tash and her friends
the challenge was BOLD
not my strong point but I gave it a shot...
so there you go, thats wat I have been up to lately
I have had an exciting couple of days outside of scrapping too, had a nice surprise yesterday
my folks have decided they wanted to surprise me with a new bed!
mwa wma
see mine collapsed the other week - funny story! went to turn the matteress over and as I stood it up it went blablooompommm right down to the floor!
I cracked up laughing... although the nightmares of it happening while I was alseep were now over, I was now just matteress on the floor! ahhaha
so anyways I was tellin yas about my new bed... it has been delivered and is now standing up in my room up against the wall
poor little ole me is not strong enough to undo the packaging! PML
Josh will be home from school in a couple of hours...
and now I am gonna go and make a cuppa - want one?
take care and behave yourselves
mwa mwa


s4j said...

more beautiful work Nat...can't wait to see your new blog colours...I need to google the pretty effects I'm seeing people using on their borders...I NEED new pretties...LOL

Lexie said...

hope you got your new bed together
and had a good nights sleep in it
I'm loving your didgi's might even have a go at it myself one day
surprise us all with a new blog colour combo real soon
luv Lexie oxo

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

Fantastic work Nat, love your style. I just adore the camel. hehe. Cant wait to see your new colours too:):)

Hugs Angie