October 31, 2008

Nothin Sweet About Me...
sorry I have been singing this annoying song all afternoon... I have finally pulled this layout apart in the hope of getting rid of Tasha's awful Medusa Hairdo that all this handcutting gave her!
Well all I really achieved was a new luv... hehe
yep I have a new best friend
this stuff called Un-Do - OMG it's like liquid magic... you just pour this stuff on then using the scoopy thing it comes with you can remove ANYTHING from your page... I am absolutely stunned at how cool this stuff is
mind you it doesn't remove pritt power gel, nothing will remove that stuff!
Without this Un-Do stuff there is no way I would have been able to rearrange this page
so.. here is the finished page
I am not quite happy with it, but that's probably just me being fussy, its just that what i had in mind hasn't quite come out on paper - gosh that's the story of my life! LOL
I do luv the lighter background though, it has really popped the photo out more
I lowered the title too, much better....

the page is well over an inch thick with some areas up to 6 layers high all separated by 3d foam
and check this out...

Ann-Marie made me a cute blinkie...

ok, gotta run - behave yourselves

mwa mwa


Lexie said...

you gotta luv un-do it has rescued many of my pages.
luv Lexie oxo

Julie said...

It really does look awesome darlin, I loved the original too though and was scared you would ruin pieces pulling it apart*L*, but this one makes the photo the important area to focus on first, not the embellishing. So I love love love it too! hugsssss
you are such an inspiration you know....honest