October 5, 2008

*** WAT A CRACK UP ***

Jake is so much entertainment to have around!
let me share with you wat has had me in stitches over this weekend
first, was Friday night, while I was occupied giggling in the TBSS cybercrop my daughter and her friend did this to him...
yes that is a DRESS.... and his hair is CRIMPED and put in a pony tail
his face GLITTERS, his eyes SPARKLE and he has whiskers!
don't quite get that bit, but...
OMG what a crack up
he came out all Paris Hilton and posed for photos
then begged me not to show anyone
But then last night. OMG he had me in hysterics again!
He and Josh were play wrestling on the lounge floor while watching Telethon
laughing and really having fun
so I take a look and this is what I see
wat the???
wat a crack up!!!

this boy is a crack up!

just had to share these pics with you

might scrap them one day too! LOL

be back soon with a scrappin update actually, I have bad a busy weekend

till then, behave yourselves

mwa mwa

Luv Nat xx


Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

ROFLMAO!!!! :) this is priceless moment hun, cant wait to see what you come up with in regards to scrapping it:):)

Thanks for sharing, MWAH and HUGS Angie