October 10, 2008

check out what I made this morning in photoshop
and can you guess why ?????

yep, that's right..... I got a layout OUT FOR PUBLICATION...
wahhooo yeaheahhh wahooo yeahhheahhhhh
getting a little over excited here,
I woke up to an email of acceptance from Scrapbooking Memories for the digital layout I did the other day!
I know, a digital! I spun out!
NO I have not crossed over to the other side, I am just paddling my feet...
and enjoying the splashes - hehehe
see it's a bit of a long story, but I finally plucked the courage the other day to do a little submitting, so I sat there and mailed off a dozen submissions, its been 8 months since I last submitted so I though it time to give it another go
I sat back, took a deep breath and patted myself on the back for being so brave
then WHAMMO... within an hour they were all returned to me with the 'no sorry we are unable to publish... bla bla bla
I was shattered... I thought, how rude... so quick! geez they could have at least LOOKED AT THEM but... no they were all opened at the same time, and returned at the same time!

then this morning... this...
wahoo yeahhhaahhh waaahhhooooo
thank you Scrapbooking Memories you have restored my faith in your magazine
you do actually read your email! LOL
okay beautiful people, I just had to share that news and now I am off to do some housework! aughh - anyone wanna come and do it for me? LOL
take care and behave yourselves
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx
P.S. my blog is so stupid!!!! it keeps double spacing and doing funny things
it's doing my head in so you just have to put up with it looking like this!
bye again


Tracey said...

You absolutely ROCK! I am without a doubt your biggest fan! You are an inspiration....

G3 said...

Wow you are ROCKIN, Nat. Congrats Love ur layouts whether it is digital or paper.

chrisw said...

congratulations Nat,that's fantastic

SkyeMJ said...

Yessssss! The Chics are rockin it lately!

Well done mate! you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

OMG!That is just awesome Nat. You are such an inspiration... and I think Tracey and I will be fighting it out for the position of #1 fan PML

Marg S said...

I am a big fan of your work too, Nat. I cannot believe any of your layouts were knocked back!! I have been getting the top 5-6 US & Aussie Scrap Magazines for years, & your work is better than lots of stuff that gets published!!! Don't be discouraged ............. like the other girls said, "YOU ROCK!"

Lexie said...

Iam really excited for you Nat keep that mojo flowing your work is fantastic