October 6, 2008

Scrappy weekend...
Friday night was TBSS cybercrop, had a good laugh, lots of chatter and 3 challenges to keep my busy for the weekend
first challenge was to use the colours of the TBSS website, pink, white, maroon and black
aswell as 20 brads, 1 lg flower, multi fonts and zig zag stitching
this is what I came up with

yes there is 22 brads... I know I cant count...
I swear I should be a blondie
These three beautiful girls are my neighbors, Tash's best best friend Brittney and her two gorgeous sisters Shae & Montanna (Jake's girlfriends! LOL)
the photo was taken at the school sports carnival and the girls have blue zinc stripes on their faces, so I printed the pic in monochrome so I could work with pinks

and this cuttlebug flower - I luv the final result but making it really sux!!!!
cut, then emboss - sounds easy hey? well.... it would have been had the stupid things lined up easier and played nicely with me!!!!

I didn't get to do the second challenge however I did do the third one

to create a pair of Christmas cards using clear stamps, rubons, a mistletoe, a Santa, a wreath and only the colours red, green, gold, silver and white (these elements could be distributed between the cards or on both) this was a real challenge for me as I dont like making Christmas cards, but I did it and I do quite like how they turned out! I think I might actually make my chrissy cards this year... maybe!and these two layouts are both challenges from DEBS CREATIONS this first one is for the October challenge #3

to use 4 pics, 4 angles in 4 diff hues - that in itself was a challenge! LOL

plus the word 'you' had to be in the title

well this is what I came up with, my 'colorful' baby girl Tash, these pics were taken on her 13th birthday, I luv them all, they really do show the colorful side of her, especially the one on the right! she does that silly face alot lately!!!!

and this one is for SCRAPTASTIC SOUTH WEST who sponsor Debs Creations

the challenge is to create a monochromatic layout using the colours of spring - many diff shades of yellow!!!
after creating the page above and noticing just how much Tash hides her teeth when she smiles made want to scrap that!
She has a long road to get her beautiful smile which she has just begun step 2
so 'straighten that smile - step two' came about

step one was the top expansion plate which you can really see in this photo what a dramatic difference that has made already! her top jaw was very very narrow and crowded and is now a similar size to her lower!

amazing! when her baby teeth fell out, the gap closed over before the teeth had time to come down, so she still has a few to come down still... when she has room.... her 6yr old molars didn't surface till she was 12 and her 12 year old molars are coming through now - yet my son, Josh is 14 and has all 4 of his wisdom teeth through already! pity they not bought any wisdom with them!

oh the joys of a 14yr old... who NEEDS A HAIRCUT!!!!!

but that's another story for another day, for now my beautiful readers, I am outa here!

have fun and behave yourselves

mwa wma

Luv Nat xx


Marg S said...

Love the Layouts ..........always do! Please share how you manage to cut those long & delicate tendrils so well. I know you've said in the past it takes you forever, & I can appreciate that! But do you use scissors, or a craft knife? On a self-healing mat or on glass?? Thanks in advance , for any tips/hints lol.

Nat said...

Hey Margs, oh thankyou!!!! I will update a post soon with some great cutting tips.
take care
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

Marg S said...

Thanx so much ...............look forward to it!

Nat said...

Hey Marg, check this out...
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

Gorgeous layout Nat! Thanks for taking part:):)

Hugs Angie