October 21, 2008

another daily post
on a roll here
I haven't forgotten you yet - hehehe
I wont, I promise, I will keep up the daily posts and continue to bore you all silly!
ok, what can I talk about today.. ummm lets see
I have the flu now, cant win...
and I did this lastnight, sat on the couch with little scissors and Supernatural
mmmm *drool*
sorry, sidetracked over that eyecandy again

back to what I was on about, this handcutting, thats right, yeah this is the basic grey EVA papers, oh oh oh you have to look at the other pics to, I went shopping LOL

thanks TBSS I luuuuuurrve your store!!!!
I cut out all the pretty paisley lookin flower things and using 3d foam I did a sort of paper tole effect. Now what am I gonna do with them? I have no idea...
but I am sure I will post a pic of a layout with them on soon

and this is the Basic Grey EVA collection I am gonna have so much fun with

*** BEWDIFUL *** and while I was shopping I topped up on a few pretty papers

and a few more bits... hehehe yeah I like shopping hey?
some prima say it in crystals - I am sooo addicted to these
and KAISER stamps... omg these are WICKED
and more pearls and gemstones
AND some snow stuff... oh oh oh this is gonna be fun too

OK, thats enough rambling from me today

I am gonna hit the couch for the afternoon, might check out the midday movie

I will be back tomorrow to bore you all over again

behave yourselves beautiful people

mwa mwa