October 22, 2008

OMG i found my MOJO...
he was hiding under my table
yeah probably looking up my skirt - the cheeky little bugger
I dragged him out by his ear and scrapped like a madwoman....
look at wat I just finished
yeah I know, two posts in one day. but I just have to show you all this
check out the close ups too cause there is a bit of detail in this one
basic grey EVA rocks! so nice....and KAISER flourishes OMG these clear stamps are WICKED
I like my 3D foam at the moment too... LOL
and KAISER pearls... so purrrty
and I also handcut a few K & Co ferns
ok, gotta go clean up my scrap table now after that little rampage...
thanks for lookin
mwa mwa


vicmbee said...

wow!!! Nat its gorgeous you should try papertole its a lot of cutting and layering. Do you use a craft knife or scissors to do all the cutting? What ever you use its absolutely stunning..

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...


Nat you have certainly found your MOJO SWEET!!!!!

This is the most devine piece of artwork EVER! I truly got lost inside the layout, your precision cutting is fabulous!

Your certainly shinning my hun:) TFS

Lexie said...

Your work is awsome Nat....love reading your blogg...you are never boring...

MargS said...

Absolutely spectacular layout, Nat!! How do you adhere those long curly flourishes? It looks like just a dot of glue in 1 or 2 spots. Thanks for sharing......... LOVE seeing your work.

Nat said...

wow thanks girls... yes Marg, a dot of PRITT POWER GEL does the trick beautifully, nothing will ever fall off when you use that stuff! LOL
and I am glad you dont find me boring Lexie!
Vicki, yes I use little scissors... I park my backside on the couch with a good movie (or 3 in this case) and snip away while relaxing, that way I dont feel like I am wasting too much of my time LOL
I did a tutorial on handcutting, the link is at the top of my blog if you are interested
might add some more pics to that one day of how these flourishes were done... but let me recover from these ones first!
and Ang, my mojo has run and hid again!
thanx again for your beautifu comments
mwa mwa
Luv Nat xx

SkyeMJ said...

Jeebers Nat!c This is so pretty!!!

I simply have no patience to sit there and do something like this for such a long time, kudos to you for your perseverence!

It is definately worth your effort!
Just gorgeous!