July 28, 2008

Ok, I did it... I have officially embarrassed myself....
I was telling you all in the last post that I had been coaxed into scrappin my mail man, well first I had to get his photo... so this morning when I saw him heading up the garden path, I grabbed the camera and greeted him at the door with a flash... of the bright light variety thank you, get your mind outa the gutter! LOL
He was his usual cheery self but not quite expecting a photo shoot, but so kindly obliged to posing for a couple of photos (which I will scrap a little later! LOL)
thank you Mr Mail Man
(whom I still don't even know his name!!! will have to ask him next delivery!)
and this is what he bought me...
my DT pack from TBSS http://www.tearbears.com.au/
which BTW they have in store for a HOT price
click here, you sooo gotta check it out
there is soooo much stuff in here I had to take 3 photos!!!
and.... only had a DT pack last week jam packed full of Rusty Pickle papers...
ohhh this is like heaven

ohhh that is alllll just sooo nice... I am bustin to scrap! gotta do this post first, and cook dinner, and get kids to bed, and do the ironing AND THEN I GONNA SCRAP
no sleep for me tonight...
gotta play
gotta play
oh oh oh oh oh
ok, taking a deep breath here again!
LOL I gotta show you a funny pic I just took of Jake, he's been muckin around in the washing baskets - no idea why... but it has kept him entertained!!!
he is such a goofball...
any suggestions on a title for when I scrap this one???
come on I need some help here...
ok, scrappin time.
here's is my take on Kath's sketch challenge #14 at TBSS
And here is my take on Tracey's Random challenge #1 at TBSS
to scrap about something you cant live without...
Now for the show n tell of Cybercrop... lol
or psycho crap as my kids call it!
what a blast that night was! talk bout laugh....
these are my takes on the challenges
challenge #3
challenge #2
challenge #3
and challenge #1
but you get that... lol
no mum I don't want you to show em...
too bad... danaaahhh this is Jake crackin the poops and SCRAPPED.... LOL
gotcha kiddo...

thanks for reading this far, hope I didn't bore you too much,

till next time, take care and behave yourselves!!

Luv Nat xx


MargS said...

Only recently 'discovered' you & your Blog, but am becoming a regular visitor. Great layouts- especially the 'boy' ones- there aren't enough of them around. I really like your style. Keep up the good work, & thanks so much for sharing it with us.