July 22, 2008

just a quick post tonight to show some of my latest layouts
this first one was done from a Alice Fettling sketch
sooo outside my comfort zone, but such fun to do! I love buttons so this was a wicked excuse to play with my ever growing button collection
this one is for the BOM challenge #4 - to scrap a childhood friend with girly colours, flowers and hand or machine stitching! I chose to scrap about a girl I remember writing letters to for years, she is related to me somehow, but I cant quite work it out. this family stuff confuses me! She came for a holiday from England with her Nanna and Pop who were my mums Aunt and Uncle. and for the life of me I cant work out what relation that makes us girls... can anyone help me with that question?
We were pen pals for many years but lost touch in our teens when family trouble stepped in (and boys! they became more interesting I spose... LOL) I wonder what she is up to now? might have to hunt her down and see if she remembers me...

and this one is of my daughter, when she had her ear peirced. This was a funny moment, which I missed taking a photo of her screaming! LOL

I did have another layout to show you too but... it's got a HUGE spelling mistake in the title! I felt so dumb when I was so proud of a page, photo'd it and uploaded it to online gallery. No one told me there was a boo boo UNTIL my 14 yr old walks in after school and says

'mum thats not how you spell forest'

oh boy did I feel stupid! so he gets on google while I race around on the hunt for a dictionary to prove him wrong and walahhhhh stupid me strikes again! it doesnt contain a double R... what a dingbat LOL

ok stop laughing now...

Josh has had his sweet revenge for you all by repeated this line over and over alllll arvo!!!!!

*** Lifes like a box of chocolates... run Forest run ***

so tonight I have fiddled and repaired the layout, will add a pic tomorow along with the layout I just finished using the rusty pickle papers which I will add a pic of below

oh yeah, I so have to share my happy moment for today, parcel post!!!!

*** love parcel post guy ***

When he comes to my place with the famous pizza box shaped package tucked under his arm, there is no guessing what might be in there! I always hear his rumbling van and meet him as he's walking up the path, I'm smiling and he's laughing... geez the guy knows me well! wonder if he knows whats really inside these packages that make me so excited???

there's a hint in there guys, you wanna know what to buy your girlies... check out the pics below, that's what ya misses wants... get her some scrappin and you'll get some lovin... lol

oh darn, I will need a bloke for that wont I? oh well

today was like christmas morning for me! I ripped into the box to reveal all these goodies... all these pretty treats

ohhh yummmmo look at all this stuff for me to play with - the ideas are bouncing around inside my head now as I type... oh I can see some watercolours coming out for those rusty pickle papers and I can see some handcutting happning with those white out papers ummmmm yeah and the glitter cuts, omg, yeah I soooo have an idea for the big one right now!


ok deep breath, inhale, exhale

and this SEI poppy range is STUNNING

it is all foiled in silver and so much nicer in person... hangin to use this stuff

and top ups! love top ups! I have used all these before and loved em all so much I have had to get them all again

and the rusty pickle pop star range! OMG stunning

these are a part of my DT pack from www.tearbears.com.au

beautiful papers, one side is white the other black and the designs are stunning

oh this is gonna be fun working with these, I'm thinking watercolours, crayons, pencils, textas, old school. good ole fashioned colouring in.... oh these are so versitile

so yeah, that is what christmas is like in my world! LOL

no I am not gonna put a tree up and decortate the house just for parcel post guy!

till next time peoples, have fun and behave yourselves!

thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you back again soon

Luv Nat xx


MargS said...

Hi Nat, Just 'discovered' your work on SM site- Had to let you know how impressed I was! Scrolled through l/o after l/o, going "wow" & "oh wow!" over & over again LOL. Have added you to my favourites, & will be checking in regularly! Keep up the inspirational work- & thanks for sharing it with everyone.