July 31, 2008

I was tellin ya earlier how the girls in the forum at TBSS had challenged me to do a layout of my mailman, well here it is
postman pat/poser
And now girlie's, I throw it strait back at ya's all
I challenge you all to scrap your postie...
no excuses!
If I can humiliate myself this much then so can you PML
email me at nat@tearbears.com.au with a link to your layout
go on I dare ya... in fact I double dare ya
I am worried though that mine thinks I took his photo for some strange reason or something,
what happens if he thinks I want a date with him or
thinks I am a weirdo stalker or something
he probably thinks the packages he keeps delivering are sex toys or something now
they are in brown boxes!!!!
oh no
And then today Shell mentioned something I hadn't even considered too....
what happens if he spots himself here online, like say his Mrs or mum or something says
hey guess what I just seen and then he's gonna think he's famous or something!
ahhaha that would be sooo funny
so Mr Postman, if you are reading this right now - hello
Now onto a couple of layouts I have just uploaded into the gallery at TBSS
this first one was also using the Urban Lily papers that Mr postie so kindly delivered
I couldn't resist this pic of my beautiful niece to go with it
it is a clear 12x12 page so very hard to get a decent photo of on a wet overcast day - sorry
but I did my best... I have propped it onto a little stand and used my weedy garden for a backdrop
I really love how it has come out and it now stands proudly on display
and this one is for the weekly challenge #19 at TBSS
to use a black & white photo, lace, ribbons and buttons
(or black & white papers if doing OTP)
well, as you may have gathered I am slightly addicted to buttons and flowers so I went a little crazy! Couldn't help myself
and these SEI Poppy papers are OMG sooo nice
it is really hard to see in the pic but the blue has silver shimmering all over it and is sooo pretty
yeah that is a pic of my beautiful moody daughter that needs a foot put up her backside!
she is 12, oops better say she is almost 13 or she will get all cranky - again!
and this photo was taken the other day when she was cleaning out her closet (oh cool song - oops sidetracked singing again)
I did have a pic of the chaos behind those doors that she was trying to hide from me, but I am too embarrassed for her more than me to show it!!!!
but its all clean and sorted now! And I now have a few extra loads of washing to do!
which I had best get back to doing
till next time peoples
have fun and behave yourselves
Luv Nat xx
P.S. don't forget your mailman.....


ann_dee78 said...

hehe - you're brave!
Love your blog and work too