June 29, 2008

TBSS Cyber Crob

Friday night TBSS had a fantastic cyber crop
there were 3 challenges, each set by a DT member and a fun filled night in the forum playing games, including one that had me doing the mad dash around my house madly like a headless chook collecting all sorts of products and items to photograph and upload quick to win... wasnt quick enough for that one but! I did manage to spill the whole container or buttons across the lounge room floor though and spent most of saturday morning finding odd ones in strange places! lol
I spent the evening snuggled up on the couch under a doona with the laptop and the heater on (which had a gas leak - another story!) laughing, giggling and having a great time.
The way they run their cyber crops is so cool.
The challenges are set on the Friday night while the games are being played but there's no stress on getting them done on the night. They are to be completed at your own leisure during the entire weekend and uploaded into their gallery by Sunday 9pm.
The winners are announced Monday evenings and the prizes, omg they are awesome!
Each challenge has a $20 store voucher up for grabs
there's a door prize just for registering yourself as being there, this cyber crop they gave away a big tote on wheels, big enough to hold 6 albums!
and the games throughout the night are worth points, the winner with the most points gets a $20 store voucher too!
so you spend the night in one thread laughing, playing games and chatting as the refresh button gets clicked 500 times, no need for the confusion of which thread to chat in next!
The challenges were nice and easy yet good fun and challenging all the same
these are my challenge items
challenge #1
all I had on my table was the bin, my tool box and the buttons container...
Challenge #2
this was fun to follow instructions! even though I managed to bugger it up... lol

challenge #3


I chose a cute window card

I had an absolute blast at this cyber crop and am hangin out for the next one on July 25th

I hope to see alot more joining in the fun

come by and check out the gallery at all the fantastic challenge entries, while your there pop into the forum for a chat and good laugh

Thanks for looking at my work

Luv Nat xx


Kawi said...

Great design. Love the title you are amazing...