June 15, 2008

what did we do before the internet?
I have no idea!
I was without the net all day yesterday, stuck at home with no internet!
I found I was bored.
Just bored! bored, bored bored!
the computer was just too boring to play on, I did manage a digital layout though!
My eyes started to water from staring at the screen all bored so I moved on to the housework!
yeah that is how boring it is without the internet!
Lets just say the washing pile is now all done!
then I layed on the couch and watched a movie! and what a crap movie it was! nearly fell asleep
so... brings me back to the question, what did we do before the internet?

this is the digi layout I played with while netless
I used 8 different kits from 3 different digi sites to get this one together!
The photo was taken at Perth Zoo. This bench with the gorilla mum and baby statue is near the front gate and every time we go, the kids perch up ther next to her for another photo.

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