April 15, 2009

My new toy...
it takes beautiful photos (considering I have no idea how to use it!)
Met up with my beautiful sister and her girls at Kings Park yesterday and attacked them all like paparazzi - took over 1100 photos!
I know how mad is that?
was a great test for the camera though, the battery lasts forever!
it still has 3/4 charge!!!!
here's a little snippet of some of yesterdays pics
I bought the camera while in Sydney and I blame Tracey and her hubby for it!
they have one and as soon as I took 1 photo with it I was sold!
so we raced down to the shops and bought one! LOL
mind you I got it for an absolute bargain so that's even better
ok, some pics from my little 'holiday'
I wont bore you with the gazillion pics I took but here's the meetings with some of the most nicest beautifulest gorgeous people I have ever met!

pic 1 - the Sydney RSS girls - me, Tracey, Kath & Mandy
pic 2 - the Melbourne RSS girls - Shell, Rach, me, Lexie & Shazza
pic 3 - the Down Under Direct Team (well part of) - Andy, Deb, Leonnie & Stacey Caron (owner of Spellbinders) - Stacey's hubby Jeff and their boys were there too
pic 4 - Tracey, Lorraine Bate and me
and the 'gang' that put up with me on my travels!
I had the most fantastic 9 days
thank you everyone
Now I must run, I have a massive ironing job in to do and if I don't get my butt into gear it wont get done in time and I am still not feeling that crash hot after my night out on Saturday!
yeah had my first ever hang over and it is taking me days to recover!
Never again shall I drink these ...
till next time peoples
hopefully with some scrappy pics to share
have to locate my mojo first!
take care and behave yourselves
Luv Nat xx


jacque4u2c said...

oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh I am so jealous! That is a great toy!!!! I want one - look at those awesome photos! You are one lucky one!

rachel said...

Those photo's look gorgeous from the park Nat! The kids must of felt like movie stars with over 1000 shots taken..lol.. I so gotta get me one of those cameras!!
Do you wanna Vodka?? PML..
xo Rach xo

KeeponScrappin said...

Love your new toy. I have the 35mm Nikon N50 and it takes the best photos. I had it for a long time but I still love it. We took our girls to the HSM concert and our seats were up at the top but because of the camera our pictures came out as if we were right in front of them. ( thanks to the 70-210mm zoom lens)You'll love it. Now I just need the digital one. heehee

Kellie said...

WOW you are so lucky look at your new toy, love it! So bummed I missed you when you were down, photos look gorgeous. I also have a little something, something on my blog for you to pick up...www.kelliewinnell.com.au.

Tracey said...

Listen here girly! You have no broken arms from twisting so I take no responsibility for that camera. Go on admit it. You love it....LOL
Love all the shots you took at the park!....xxx

Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

Hey Nat:)

Congrats on a great camera hun, you wont be disappointed, I too am a fan of Nikon and they really take a good quality picture. Hope to catch up with you soon.

BTW Love the photo's

Mwah & hugs Angie xox

Kathie said...

OOOHHHHH love that new toy Nat!!! Mine is arriving real soon!! A great camera makes all the difference between a good shot and a fantastic award winning photo!!
Sorry I missed you sweetie, next time maybe!!
Love Kathie

Kirsty said...

Pretty new toy!!! I have a Nikon D60, and am in LOVE!!!

LEMphotography said...

I have the same camera and I LOVE it!

Free Spirit said...

Fantabulous !!!! You lucky duck. You got some great pics. Which camera is it ?