April 24, 2009

It's soooo cold! yeah yeah I am a sook!
when I got up yesterday morning it was so foggy outside you couldn't even see the power poles on the other side of the road!!!!!
I took this pic at 8.15am when it finally came into view - just!
and this pic I am so proud of!
I was playing with my camera at night and took this shot in total darkness, I could not see anything through the viewfinder and yet it still took a great photo!!!!
Not been doing allot on the scrapping front, been spring cleaning and rearranging my house during the day and crashing from total exhaustion on the couch at night! LOL
must be a sign of getting old!!!
I did do these two though, for the May monthly challenge and May Cybercrop sample for RSS Ready Set Scrap
2 more I can cross off my arm long list of 'to do's'
here's a sneak peak!

oh and you sooo gotta check out the gorgeous layout LadyGrace did using one of mine for inspiration. she has done a beautiful take on it and now I wanna scraplift her version! LOL
you can see it here
and now I must go put on the mums taxi sign and pick up my kids! my silence is broken!!!!
till later peoples, behave yaselves
Luv Nat xx


Anonymous said...

oooooooo I am loving the colours for the challenges, my favourites. Roll on May

lexie said...

love your sneek peeks...you are such a tease....hasn't any one told you spring is the season after winter and we still have a month of Autum to go....lol

Treesa Y said...

I know hot one day and then snap cold the next!!Love the look of those layouts Nat cant wait to see them! x

Marisa said...

Oh I can't wait for May after seeing your peaks...certainly is a pea soupa of a fog! Oh I want a new camera right now (stamp my foot here) after seeing your photo ,lol.

Kathie said...

Your a big teaser Nat!!! Cold?? Come visit us now if you want cold!! Been raining all day and most of the night.....Lovely really but heaters are on!!