December 19, 2009

Digi Attack...
just a quick update today with a couple of Digi's I have been playing around with, it's been so long since I played digi... oh the joy of no mess! Pity the rest of the house wasnt so easy to keep tidy while having fun ... lol

Credits: Royanna

Credits: Royanna

Credits: Mzimm, Shabby Miss Jenn, Rowena F, Jbolt, Jeann, AJ, Aburns, Chirpie, Goth Kitty, Miss Mint & Royanna
well that's it I am outa here to pretend I am a mummy for a while... school holiday's have just started and they are bored already!!!! not a good sign
take care peeps
Luv Nat xx


Pamela said...

Wow...these layouts are awesome!!!! :)

Pauly said...

Stunning!!!! Love your header too!!!