June 6, 2009

Scrapped up a storm...
and now Mr Mojo has run away - he's a chicken and cant handle the pressure!!!!
with so many new challenges at Ready Set Scrap I have had a crack at a couple
this first one is for the Theme challenge set by Lexie King
and this one is for the Negative Space challenge set by Kirsti Brandis
and this one is for the Title challenge set by Ann-Marie
I have a few bouncing around in my head for the other challenge, I cant show you them but cause I cant work out a way to get them out!!!!
Once I do I will...
and these 2 were created using the gorgeous Embelishment Kit available at My2Angels
Thanks Tracy, this kit ROCKS
there was sooo much in it, I did these 2 layouts and I have so much stuff left over I could do another couple easy!!!!
and this one is my take on the June Sketch Challenge at Scrapbooks From Scratch designed by Kate Middleton
and these 2 are for the June Challenges at Sweeties Sketches designed by Shell Barnard
I have also created 3 cards for Down Under Direct and am part way through a layout
I will take some pics shortly
see... I did say I had been scrapping up a storm PML
I have been tagged by the Angie to complete the following and then pass it onto 8 bloggers of my choice.
So all you need do is copy and paste into your blog area and change the answers to suit you situation. Ok here it goes;)

8 things i look forward to...
1. Waking up every day and finding something worth smiling about
2. Watching my children become adults
3. Becoming a grandmother
4. New Moon movie coming out (yeah I am obsessed!)
5. Winning the lotto and buying a house
6. One day taking my kids on a plane for a long holiday
7. Having all my beautiful friends a part of my life forever
8. Tomorow

8 things I did yesterday...
1. Woke up with a smile
2. Doctors appointment and came home instead of emergency!
3. Scheduled the next 6 months of sponsors for Ready Set Scrap
4. Sent out a gazillion emails
5. Scrapped 3 layouts and 3 cards
6. Cleaned house!
7. Cooked up a storm for dinner
8. Played Taxi Driver to my kids...
8 things I wish i could do...
1. Cure all those that suffer from anything dibiliating
2. Give all my close friends a million dollars each
3. Have laser eye surgery
4. Learn to use my camera the way its suppost be used!
5. Hang onto my Mojo
6. Fly or be Invisible
7. Relive the last 20 years (but keep my kids)
8. Find me a 'Edward'
8 things or shows I have watched lately...
1. Twilight
2. Prison Break final (and cried like a baby)
3. Utube
4. Twilight - again!
5. My youngest son go loopy
6. My eldest son attempt the dishes (that was quite humourous!)
7. My daughter's school musical rehearsal
8. Twilight - again!

OK...now to pass this on to 8 girls....
my beautiful Design Team & guest gals
and this is one LONNNNG post
so now I am gonna go put the kettle on - again
wanna cuppa?
till next time - behave yaselves!!!!
Luv Nat xx


MyLittleTeapot said...

WOW Nat!!! These are all magnificent! I am running out of adjectives to describe your works. You have been a great inspiration to me ever since I joined RSS. I really learned a lot from all your LOs!

Thank you so much darl


Anonymous said...

Far out your Mojo has been working overtime, awesome layouts girl ... as always.
LG I agree I'm running out of adjectives to describe her work too LOL
PS Strong coffee, white and one please served good looking muscle ripping bloke and just a loin cloth on thanks

Lita said...

Oh my - great pages! I'm feeling all inspired now! Lov elove love 'My Flower Girl' and 'B' especially! TFS :)

jacque4u2c said...

GASP!!!!!!!!!!! GASP!!!!!!!!!!! GASP!!!!!!!

Jane Smith said...

Your work is just beautiful...so much inspiration.

Karen said...

Love your layouts, particularly the details! Reading your lists of 8 was fun....nice to see a bit of the woman behind the mojo! :>