February 3, 2010

Mr Mojo is back in da house....
and I am super glad to have the cheeky bugger back!
doors are locked and he is chained to my desk :o)
gonna make him earn his freedom back after deserting me for so long like he did... lol
oh them there are fightin words! where did they come from? Must be the 'mean' me talkin tonight cause the 'nice' me is over there on the couch watchin icarly on foxtel AGAIN aruugghhh so sick of watchin these kids programs! When will I get control of the remote????
Spellbinders ROCK....
I have had a ball playin with them this week... oops sorry, Mr Mojo just growled at me.... he says he has had a ball playin with em too! Cant forget to include him, he might run away again!
anyways... as 'I' was saying... these following 4 are some of my February CPT projects for DownUnder Direct

and a couple of cards using more Spellbinders and Justrite Stamps

(ok you can stop laughing at my pathetic first attempt at a Matilda.... she is lucky she made it to the card, I so nearly grounded her n put her back in the draw for misbehaving! But she was sitting so sweetly with her hands in her lap...)
and now I must go take control of this Foxtel remote before I lose my mind well anymore than I already have lol :o)
Till next time beautifuls
take care
Luv Nat xx